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Access codes terms and conditions

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****Entering the premises of Miami Strength Club Signifies your understanding and agreement to these and our general Terms and Conditions  ****

24-hour access codes

Miami strength Club issues unique access codes to those who purchase 24-hour access to the gym. As an access code holder, you are explicitly prohibited from sharing your code with anyone. You may not share your code outside of those who are tied to the membership (such as a household membership).


All Guests must be pre-approved by management, and can only participate in inactivity after filling all required forms. Guest are allowed from time to time. A single guest at a time is allowed per member. Individuals invited as guests by members in good standing can enjoy no more than 4 free visits per calendar year, regardless of being invited by mutual friends.  As a 24-hour membership holder, you claim responsibility for the costs of your guests. Your account will be charged and debited for any and all guests, and the cost of hosting them if you bring guests outside of these terms. The gym and the staff reserves the exclusive right to refuse a guest, for causes known or unknown to the member.


Our entry systems log and control access events. All instances of members sharing their code, willfully or by negligence shall be construed as a breach of these Terms and Conditions. The client whose code is assigned to will be liable for fees, loss, damage to property, including but not limited to criminal and civil charges as per applicable laws.


Unauthorized Persons entering our premises with a code who are not members are trespassing.  Trespassers will be asked to leave immediately. Membership holders are not grantors of access. Only gym management directors grant access, provided the guests adhere to these terms and Conditions. 


Members are encouraged to use their own headset devices to amuse themselves during workouts. A self-service Bluetooth speaker may be provided, but this is not part of your membership, but rather a convenience to our staff. The speaker may, or may not be available at any point. Members or guests have no jurisdiction to raise the volume of the music. Staff will with or without notice regulate the volumes and levels of music.  Music outside of the class schedule is a non-guaranteed convenience of your membership.

Entering the premises of Miami Strength Club Signifies your understanding and agreement to these and our general Terms and Conditions

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