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6-Week Base Hypertrophy Challenge

  • 6semaines
  • 134étapes
Obtenez un certificat en complétant le programme.
Les participants ayant complété toutes les étapes recevront un badge à la fin du programme.

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Unlock a new level of fitness and refine your look with our meticulously designed 6-Week Strength & Hypertrophy Program. Crafted for beginners and returning intermediate lifters, these regimen is the quintessential solution for individuals who seek to dominate in both strength and muscle-building. Are you looking to look, feel and perform better? This program strategically employs volume and intensity to promote muscle growth. Emphasis on various muscle groups ensures a balanced, effective development. Personalized Progressions: No one-size-fits-all schemes. Instead, your program integrates progressive overload, tailoring progressions according to your capabilities and responsiveness. Flexibility and Variety: Our accompanying Companion Guide offers a range of auxiliary exercises, enabling you to fine-tune your training regime. These complementary additions allow for greater variety without compromising efficacy, ensuring your journey is both exciting and productive. Detailed Guidance: Not just sets and reps. We dive into the specifics with RPE-based percentage loading, offering you a nuanced understanding of intensity for every set. Invaluable Knowledge: Acquire the understanding of biomechanics, muscle functionality, and exercise utility. Understand the 'why' behind every exercise, establishing a foundation that goes beyond these 6 weeks. Start Now

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