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upcoming fitness events in miami

Wellness and Corporate Events: Miami Strength Club offers Corporate fitness programs in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach. We tailor exclusive wellness and exercise events in Miami for teams of professionals, health, and fitness awareness. Whether on the road, at your workplace, or in our studio, we have the best Fitness Programs in Miami.

Squat Clinics: Improve your fitness level with this one of a kind workshop. Whether you are a fitness professional, or you want to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to build your strength and improve your fitness, the properly performed squat is the top choice. Participants acquire a basic understanding of squat biomechanics, practice the squat under coach supervision to analyze your movements, and learn how to use the squat to get stronger. The workshop is made up of a 15-minute lecture and 45 minutes of practice. Each participant receives individual coaching. Workshops are limited to 6 participants.

Body movements that require many muscle groups and joints are known as bio mechanical complex moves. The Squat is a complex move, and we will teach you the basics on how to perform it under load, so you can get stronger and fitter.


No other exercise is so efficient at improving strength, fitness, balance and coordination as the properly performed squat. Sign up now."