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A Symphony of Strength: The Day I Moved Four Pianos and Started the Miami Strength Club

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you could move mountains? Or in my case, four Steinway and Sons baby-grand pianos? If you're raising an eyebrow, trust me, I had the same reaction when I was first presented with the task.

My life as a strength trainer usually involves lifting weights, not pianos. But my client, Meryl, knew about my son's struggles at school and thought that a piano could be a lovely addition to his life. One ordinary day, she handed me an opportunity disguised as a challenge: picking up a piano from a warehouse closing down. That's the day I asked myself, "What lengths would I go for my family and my business?"

With this question ringing in my ears, I rented a truck and headed off to the warehouse. Imagine my surprise when the owner didn't just offer me one piano, but four! I know I wished for a bit more music in my life, but this was like wishing for a melody and getting a full symphony in return.

The task of moving these eight-hundred-pound musical beasts was as daunting as attempting a new weightlifting PR without a spotter. I'll admit, the thought of giving up crossed my mind. I mean, what was I thinking, right? Moving four grand pianos alone? But then again, imagine the guilt of a father who had an opportunity to do something amazing for his son and didn't take it.

So, I put on my bravest face, flexed my muscles, and got to work. With each piano I moved, I realized that all the hours I'd spent lifting barbells weren't just shaping my muscles, but also my resilience. I was moving pianos and overcoming my fears, one heavy lift at a time. I had turned into some sort of a real-life superhero, minus the cape.

The journey back home was like the victorious return of a warrior from the battlefield. I was different - stronger, not just physically but mentally. This was my transformation, my moment of realization. It wasn't just about the pianos or the physical feat. It was about pushing beyond my self-imposed boundaries and embracing my newfound strength.

Here are some pictures of Dec 2014

Emboldened by this experience, I started the Miami Strength Club, a haven for others to discover their inner strength, their 'piano moving' potential. My son explores his world of melodies, via different instruments now, but although the pianos are not with us, on one of those grand pianos remains a symbol of a father's love and the power of resilience.

So, let me leave you with this thought: What's your piano? What is the challenge that will push you beyond your comfort zone, that will help you discover your true strength? Because, in the end, we all have our own pianos to move, our own symphonies to orchestrate. Are you ready to play?

This is a true story of how Rafael Cruz found inspiration in his journey to become a business owner and entrepreneur.

All copyright and publishing of this story remains at the sole jurisdiction of Rafael Cruz.

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