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What to do first - SOber October 2021

Hey, What's Up Strong Ones,

We are just a couple of days away from our Sober October Challenge.

I wanted to thank you for joining, and take the opportunity to share some inspiration to get started with force.

Our group is dedicated to withholding from alcohol for 31 days during October 2021. But, some of you don't drink alcoholic beverages, so your sobriety depends on putting down that which you crave. Ice cream, chocolate, candy, etc... Alcohol is a form of sugar, as well. Typically our cravings, are related to sugar content, such as the ones mentioned.

Here is a piece of information: sugar (glucose) is a necessary nutrient for our bodies. We get it from healthy foods and our body makes enough glucose from healthy foods, that we may not need to depend on things with ADDED SUGARS. Alcohol is metabolized in the liver as sugar, just like any other sweets. The thing is that, just like excess sugar, excess alcohol makes our bodies add fat, and slow down metabolism.

Popular effective diets, like Intermittent Fasting using vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore solutions is good at dealing with glucose control. Glucose is what our body makes from sugars. And having the body make too much glucose out of sugars, it very unhealthy, and ultimately, will make us fat.

What can we start doing to control our body? Well, first, we stop drinking. Also, popular diets like One Meal a Day, Ketogenic Diet, and Carnivore diets, all can make great strides to regulate the amount of glucose in your body.

These are good, short-term, proven methods that fit many. You may consider any of these for enhancing your lifestyle, and increase compliance for Sober October.

Every time I want to do something that is hard, I think of my family, my friends, and my loved ones. I know if they know how much this new challenge means to me, they will support me. So the FIRST THING I DO is to LET THEM KNOW, and get their commitment to support you.

Share this with everyone, see if they'll even join you. Who knows, it might be the beginning of a great time, full of excitement and positive changes.

See you same time tomorrow!

While you are here, listen to the Bar Up Show, our very own podcast with Rafael Cruz.


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