Deadlift: 5 Step-by-step Tutorial

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Deadlift in just 5 steps at Miami Strength Club.

1: Stand with feet hip-width apart, with the barbell 1 inch away from your shins.

2: Bent over to grip the barbell without rolling it with your rip or shins. Grip the bar just outside your legs.

3: Move your knees forward until your shins touch the bar (do not roll the barbell)

4: Squeeze your chest up and make your back flat, pushing your tailbone up (it helps if you think of making your back into a bowl of soup). Do not roll the bar while doing so.

5: Set your gaze five to six feet in front of your toes. Keep your elbows straight. Push your knees into your elbows. Take and hold a deep breath to drag the barbell up to your legs until you are fully standing tall with your chest up.

Put the bar down.

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