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What is Training?

Training produces measurable and quantifiable increases in physical capacity over time. It produces a physiological adaptation that increases a persons' physical strength and fitness capacity over time. Training is the execution of a program designed around the cycle of stress, recovery, and adaptation to a measurable and quantifiable increase in physiological capacity. – Mark Rippetoe

Let us define right away what strength is: "strength is the physical ability to produce force against an external resistance" -Starting Strength Basic Barbell Training 3rd Edition.

Is training for a marathon and training for a powerlifting competition the same kind of training? No. Why? Training for a marathon and training for a powerlifting competition is not the same kind of training because the activities of those two competitive events require different types of physiological adaptations. That is to say, and one needs to be able to express all their strength in seconds, while the other needs to continually apply only a fraction of their strength for hours. So why should a non-strength athlete such as a cyclist, or a runner, a marathoner train for strength?

Given the training history of an indoor cyclist, for example. When he or she is getting stronger, each push of the bicycle pedal becomes more submaximal to their overall strength. The power cycle of the pedal revolution is going to be a smaller fraction of his or her strength, the stronger you get. So you can spin either faster in your spinning session, or longer.

Are you decided to upgrade to Strength Training?

Every workout you perform is programmed with the principles of Stress - Recovery - Adaptation (SRA) in mind. You keep going forward!

Guaranteed increase in strength

This approach allows you to continue to get stronger measurable and objectively. You change your body, adding muscle and performing like you never have before.

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